A weather station is more than a predictor of rain or a beacon for lightening strikes.  Data offered by a weather station contributes to the science of growing grass and adapting to the weather challenges of supporting a golf environment in Manitoba.  As part of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf, NCC is acquiring a weather station to move science and technology innovation forward.  

More detailed, localized information about rainfall, dew point, solar radiation, air temperature, relative humidity and evapotranspiration provides data used to optimize growing and conservation practices by golf course management staff.  Remote access allows staff to monitor real-time data in their specific day-to-day niche management practices such as:  irrigation scheduling, aerating and cutting, fertilizer applications, pests and diseases.

The acquisition of the WatchDog Weather Station has a cost of $3000 which will be a fund-raising focus for the upcoming 2021 year. 


Jordan Frank

June 2, 2020. Bluejay spotted near 13th tee box. 

Mallard Duck

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Jordan F


July 21,2020.  One of many ducks that was wandering on the 16th fairway.

Snapping Turtle

Jordan Frank


Spotted August 15th, 2020. Crawling onto the 16th green from the adjacent pond.


Cory Frank

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Spotted in a tree on the 18th fairway at about 8 pm May 15th, 2015. A family of raccoons scurried up the tree as we approached.