You are currently viewing Niakwa’s Watershed

One of the greatest concerns facing golf courses is to ensure a consistent water supply. Niakwa uses water from two retention ponds on the golf course. The pump house to the left of Hole 13 draws water from the Seine River into the pond systems to maintain the water supply in the ponds.

Retention ponds provide both protection from the forces and runoff from storm water as well as water quality treatment and purification.  The retention time and still water promotes pollutant removal through sedimentation and a thriving natural aquatic ecosystem offers additional treatment.  Runoff water returns to Seine River via the10 tee box with help from a sump pump situated under gully under the Niakwa bridge by the 18th hole.

Niakwa’s naturalization efforts, such as increasing natural grasses and extending turf are a part of these Water Quality Management improvements.