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The term Niakwa comes from an indigenous word for “winding river” – the Seine River, a prominent feature of the golf course and riparian area along the Seine River Greenway.

Save Our Seine (SOS) and Niakwa Country Club (NCC) have been partners since 2021 working together to better understanding the Seine River Greenway and its management. This partnership has led to significant benefits to NCC.


The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Certification recognizes NCC’s efforts at protecting our environment and preserving the natural heritage of the game of golf by naturalizing non-playing areas and wildlife habitats, and minimize harmful impacts of golf course operations. SOS recognizes this important worldwide environmental role and values the mutual benefit of working together in pursuing shared environmental goals.

As partners, an added critical mass to SOS grant applications has delivered 50 biodiverse trees free to NCC in the fall 2023 with an additional 50 trees in 2024. NCC and SOS volunteers worked together to begin strategic planting of these trees.

Further grant funding and volunteer support will provide a vegetated swail to replace the open drainage culvert on Hole 13.

In response to a community protest to the NCC notice of application of chemicals, SOS was able to provide assurance of the safety and appropriateness of NCC golf course management practices and resolve the complaint.

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Christina and Al Kowaluk

Partnering with SAVE OUR SEINE to Plant 50 Trees

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  • Post category:News through their application for grant funding provided 50 trees and shrubs planted in 4 sites along the riverbank: Manitoba Maple, American Linden, Red-osier Dogwood, Skyfest Cottonwood (fluffless), American Elm, Japanese Elm, and Golden Willow This volunteer initiative is part of a long term strategy to thicken up the forested areas, shade out weeds and help connect riparian forest habitats, enhance Niakwa’s environmental sustainability.

Save Our Seine volunteers: Ryan Palmquist, Anita Moyse, Tyler Blashko

Bob Carmichael and Lauren Mulhall

NCC Audubon Resource Advisory Group ~ promoting environmental stewardship.