Donate $100 and Receive a Jar of Honey produced on the Banks of the Seine River!

As part of Niakwa Country Club’s effort to obtain and retain certification under the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf, the Club has entered into a partnership with Save our Seine River Environment Inc.

Niakwa CC has undertaken three joint projects with Save our Seine.

– River Bank Cleanup – Under its “Summer River Keepers” program, Save our Seine hires a team of students every year to clean up the river and maintain navigability. As part of our partnership Niakwa CC will help fund a team to manage cleanup of the river bank along our property and to remove noxious weeds such as Canada thistle and red canary grass. Since this program is a joint effort of the Turf Team and a Members’ Committee – and is outside the normal operation of the Club we’re asking Members, who have an interest in the environment, for a $100 donation.
In return you’ll get a jar of Natural Wildflower Honey from this fall’s first crop.

– Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary – Daphne and the Niakwa Turf Team have created a half acre Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. This is a fenced off, protected area with milk weed and other native flowering plants. In addition to support from Save our Seine, promotion of monarch butterfly breeding areas is promoted by a variety of environmental organizations through the “Monarchs in the Rough” program.

– Bee hives – Our Turf Team has purchased bee hives which are set up on our property. Horticulturist, Daphne Stapley, will be extracting, processing and packaging the honey. A $100 donation gets you a jar!
Our honey bees will be doing their work in support of the Save our Seine “Pollination Corridor” – pollinating natural plants and shrubs along the river.

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