Save Our Seine is an environmental non-profit organization that seeks to protect, enhance, and advocate for the Seine River and surrounding natural areas in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Through grassroots action, community outreach, and engaging governments and private industry, SOS is having a major impact on improving the health of the Seine River and increasing accessibility to natural spaces for the community.

Visit the Save Our Seine website for more information.


Save Our Seine’s vision is for a sustainable and protected Seine River Greenway that provides a healthy habitat for vegetation and wildlife and contributes to the quality of life of all residents and visitors.​


  • Preserve, protect and enhance the Seine River greenway
  • Restore and repair the Seine River greenway
  • Raise public education and awareness of the Seine River greenway
  • Improve public access to the Seine River greenway
  • Improve water level, flow and quality
  • Work in partnership with governmental, business and other non-profit organizations for responsible planning of the Seine River greenway


  • Monitor the Seine River environment
  • Act as a critic and advocate
  • Be an instigator of projects (initiate projects to be carried out by others)
  • Be a proponent of projects (initiate projects to be carried out by SOS)
  • Act as an ‘expert resource’
  • Carry out and promote ongoing public education